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January 21, 2015 in News

HS Kapoor
From the 1974 batch.
Residing in Asansol
Self-employed in the stone mining business in Asansol
MV Ramana Rao
From the 1975 batch.
Attended school from Chanch, a place close to Chirkunda.
Has been living in Hyderabad since 1980.
CEO of MPR Refractories Ltd. at Hyderabad.
Aloke Kumar Dhar
Professional Chartered Accountant, Partner @ Naha Dhar Kapur & Co.
Resident of Asansol, W.B.
Member – Lions Club of Asansol City & Freemason of Grand Lodge of India
Sujoy Guha
From the 1977 batch (ICSE) and 1979 (ISC) batch.
Attended school from Maithon.
Residing in Bangalore.
Managing Director  & CEO for “CriticaLog India Pvt. Ltd.”
Adit Jain
From the 78 batch of ISC (12 Plus).
Lives in Kumardhubi.
Now live in Delhi.
Chairman and Editorial Director of IMA India
Saugata Mukherjee
From the batch of ICSE March ’80 (10C) and ISC ’82.
Used to stay at Kalipahari , Damra , Sripur, Kuardih , Ukhra, etc. during school days.
Management professional, working and residing in Kolkata.
Arindam Ghosh
From the batch of 1982 ISC.
Used to stay in Burnpur during school days.
IT professional engaged with a MNC and presently residing in Hyderabad
Amitava Sengupta
From ICSE 1982 Batch.
Was a Boarder.
Working in Kuwait now as a Management Professional.
Sanjay Goenka
1983 ICSE
Born in Neamatpur.
Now settled in Kolkata.
Entrepreneur – Firms are M/s.Verity Financials & M/s.Verity Ventures & Logistics
Aniruddha Sen
From the batch of 1993 (ICSE) & 1995 (ISC).
Lived in Evelyn Lodge, Asansol.
Currently based out of Kolkata.
Working as Senior Technical Manager for NTSPL, headquartered at Singapore
Pankaj Baisya
From 1997 batch (ICSE).
Residing in Asansol.
Completed graduation and joined family business of garments at Asansol
Arif Anwar
From 2002 Batch.
Used to stay in Sripur during school days.
For the past 7 years, been in Bangalore working as a Business Support Specialist for Dell
George Osta
From the 2003 batch.
Residing in Asansol
Self-employed in the education field
Priyank R. Janee
From the batch of 2003.
Resident of Murgasol, Asansol.
Professionally engaged in Automobile dealership of Honda 2 wheelers
Christopher J B Tigga
ICSE 2003 Batch
Resident of Asansol, W.B.
Director – Yvonne’s Music Academy
Representative of London College of Music (Asansol)
Avik Ghatak
From the 2004 I.C.S.E. batch.
Attended school from Upper Chelidanga, Asansol.
Currently a resident of Kolkata.
Practicing Advocate at the High Court of Calcutta
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