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Dear Patrician,

SPAAA the official alumni body of SPS was founded by SPS in consultation with senior alumni to channelize alumni efforts in the best interests of the school and alumni. Thereafter the First Board of SPAAA was elected by the selectors last year to draft a constitution and lay the foundations of a body that would participate in the 2016 celebrations in a manner consistent with the efforts and aspirations of the school.

Though there have been posts from some alumni in other unofficial forums regarding the efforts of this Board, we wish to bring to the notice of our alumni following this page, that not only have the responsibilities bestowed upon this Board been completed, the following activities have also been undertaken by them :
1. Felicitation of ICSE / ISC students.
2. Organising a Brass Band for the school.
3. Organising Teacher’s and Non Teaching Staff Awards.
4. Reunion and Annual Dinner / Dance Programme.
5. Active Participation in various School Programmes with some small sponsorships.

Arguably, more could have been done which the Board does not deny, but does that give members the right to question the founding principles of our alumni body like membership fees , representation pattern in the Board from Asansol and outside, etc.. ?

A registered Society can bring alumni activities under a legal framework, under some statutory umbrella, to effectively pursue alumni activities in a manner which makes the people at the helm of alumni affairs, accountable. There is nothing which prevents alterations of the proposed founding principles by the future Governing Bodies and members, but a start has to be made somewhere.

We reaffirm our faith in the school & alumni and appeal to all alumni to strengthen this official alumni body by becoming members and engage actively. Together we can and we will make a difference.

H.S. Kapoor
on behalf of SPAAA Board.

Further to the earlier post, we wish to add that of late, alumni are witnessing  progressive efforts by five members of SPAI, who call themselves the “SPAI Leadership” to bring  alumni of SPS together and to take part in an election to elect an EC for SPAI.

In the context of these efforts, we would like to bring the following points to the attention of our alumni:

  • These five members of the SPAI leadership team namely, 

Ananta Mukerji ’74 (Los Angeles)
Lalit Gupta ’77 (New Delhi)
Rajesh Ranjan Singh ’88 (London)
Kingshuk Mallik ’90 (Mexico) and
Rishi Mukherjee ’99 (Bangalore)

are all SPAAA members and were part of the extended transition team and the selection team  of SPAAA which conducted the elections for the present SPAAA Board.

  • They were in full agreement with the decisions taken by SPS with regard to the SPAAA Board structure with local and non local alumni representation and the membership fees of Rs. 1000/- .
  •   These members have also paid Rs1000/- each  to become members of SPAAA.
  •  We fail to understand why they are  now suddenly finding faults with the system of which they had all agreed to be a part of earlier, thereby misleading and confusing the alumni and making statements to the contrary.
  •  Some of the Board members of SPAAA are also being approached to participate in the SPAI elections by the so called SPAI leadership. Do they expect the SPAAA Board members to sail in two boats with one foot in each, as they have been doing ?
  •  The five members of the SPAI leadership team who are SPAAA members as well, should help in making SPAAA stronger, rather than trying to promote a rival alumni body with an uncertain future as far as SPS is concerned.
  • SPAAA today is the only official alumni body of the school and SPS has endorsed that as an alumni body, only SPAAA will be allowed to undertake events or projects for SPS for 2016.
  •  Our earlier post indicates what SPAAA has been able to do in the last one year and we have also admitted that perhaps more could have been done.
  •  We are all alumni of the same school and we should all come together to make the official alumni body of SPS stronger instead of promoting parallel bodies leading to more confusion in the minds of alumni for 2016.
  • SPAAA has already undertaken some projects for 2016 in unison with SPS and these have been posted. We request all alumni to merge with these school recognized/recommended events and contribute through the school prescribed channels.

H.S. Kapoor



SPAAA stands for “St. Patrick’s Asansol Alumni Association”.  As the very name Suggests, it is an Alumni body of St. Patrick’s School, Asansol set up by the combined effort of SPS Alumni and School Authorities. In accordance with the wishes of the School Administration, the previous alumni bodies of St. Patrick’s School, Asansol were amalgamated (with the former’s immense help and support) to form One formal Alumni Body called SPAAA. Our is the only formally recognized Alumni Body of the School.


All SPAAA members are requested to register their email address with the Secretary by sending a mail with their full name & batch to: secyofspaaa@gmail.com.

This info is required to conduct online voting for the forthcoming elections to appoint the new SPAAA board.

Dear Alumni,

As per the guidelines from TT and SPS, the SPAAA board is supposed to conclude its tenure on 30 April 2015.

However since the registration process (of SPAAA under WB Society’s Act) is underway, hence the existing SPAAA board will remain in office till the society registration formalities are concluded and fresh elections are held for the new SPAAA Governing Body.

This is for your information only.

Yours sincerely,




Our Mission is to:

  • Strengthen communication between Alumni and the School.
  • To engage and connect the school community locally, nationally and around the globe, while creating sustainable lifelong connections to the school and to each other.
  • To advance St. Patrick’s School by connecting alumni to one another and to the School through meaningful programs, benefits, services and communication.
  • Provide alumni with rewarding opportunities to serve SPS, its faculty, and its students.

Our Vision is to:

  • Increase membership by establishing a strong presence regionally, nationally and globally.
  • Establish and maintain electronic database with names of all alumni and friends. Have web interface that enables alumni to easily submit requests for membership, pay dues, and update their contact information/profile.
  • Establish a strong and successful Alumni Association.